Harvard Review

Harvard Review publishes new poetry, essays, fiction, drama, criticism, book reviews, and interviews. From its beginnings, the journal has been committed to showcasing the work of emerging writers alongside established voices—or, as we like to think of it, publishing writers who will be famous next to writers who already are.


Author Page – A Good Ending for Bad Memories VailesShepperdBooks is the author website. In 1958, the first African American attaché and family are posted to Cairo, Egypt. Perfect for the missus, an undiagnosed beauty with five distinct personalities. Freed from daily responsibilities, she spends her time sifting memory in search of the cause of […]

The Writers Studio

The Writers Studio, founded in 1987 by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Philip Schultz, offers ongoing writing workshops designed to help students discover and nurture their own voices. What distinguishes The Writers Studio is our intensive focus on the craft of writing as the means for helping the writer, whether a beginner or advanced, whether focused […]

Paul Dry Books

Paul Dry Books publishes lively books “to awaken, delight, and educate”—and to spark conversation. We publish fiction, both novels and short stories, and nonfiction—biography, memoirs, history, and essays, covering subjects from Homer to Chekhov, bird watching to jazz music, New York City to shogunate Japan.

Pacific University MFA in Writing Program

In a rigorous course of study and with an emphasis on the creative process, award-winning writers work closely with students to support and inspire emerging craft and voice. Students create a quality portfolio of fiction, nonfiction or poetry, reflecting their unique styles and forms of expression.

NYU Press

Making common cause with the best and the brightest, the great and the good, NYU Press aspires to nothing less than the transformation of the intellectual and cultural landscape. Infused with the conviction that the ideas of the academy matter, we foster knowledge that resonates within and beyond the walls of the university. If the […]

NBM Graphic Novels

NBM Graphic Novels is America’s oldest indie graphic novel publisher at over 40 years of existence. We specialize in literary works from both Europe’s leading authors and these shores and now have a growing line of nonfiction comics, primarily biographies.

The New York Review of Books

The New York Review of Books has served as a forum for the most interesting and qualified minds of our time to discuss current books and issues in depth. The Review began life as an independent voice, and it remains independent today.

Seven Stories Press

Independent publisher of political non-fiction, world literature, and other works of the radical imagination.

Marloe Press

Marloe Press is an independent press in Brooklyn specializing in beautiful children’s books, and unique books for interesting people.

Lanternfish Press

Purveyors of the rare & strange publishing fiction, nonfiction, and new editions of old favorites.

great weather for MEDIA

great weather for MEDIA focuses on the unpredictable, the fearless, the bright, the dark, and the innovative. Based in New York City, we publish solo poetry collections, plus a yearly anthology of poetry and prose from writers worldwide. Anthology submissions are open from October 15 to January 15. We look forward to reading your work.

Forward Comix

Forward Comix is an award-winning publisher. We’re known for the “Gwan Anthology” series, featuring immigrant comic creators from around the world. Current titles also include “Nowhere Man”, a gritty cop drama meets sci-fi thriller. Our work has been recognized by The Independent Book Publishers Awards, and many others.

Fordham University Press

Fordham University Press publishes 70 books annually and has a long history of publishing books focusing on the New York region. Empire State Editions appeals to those interested in our vibrant city and New YorkReLit publishes reissues of historical, literary fiction about New York.

Columbia University Press

CUP is pleased to offer all our BKBF books at 20% off until the end of November! Also be sure to check out our BKBF content at cup.columbia.edu and on our blog, cupblog.org

Catapult / Counterpoint Press / Soft Skull Press

Catapult / Counterpoint Press / Soft Skull Press publishes award-winning fiction and nonfiction of the highest literary caliber, offers writing classes taught by acclaimed emerging and established writers, and produces an award-winning daily online magazine.

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press dates from 1534 and is part of the University of Cambridge. Our mission is to unlock people’s potential with the best learning and research solutions.

C. P. Florez

C.P. Florez is a Brooklyn-born author. She has been described as a poet and an essayist with a distinct style and voice. Her provocative writing and well-crafted stories resonate with heritage and family. As an Indie writer, she has published a book of poems an a collection of short stories; The Daughter Bond, her debut […]

Book*hug Press

Book*hug is a radically optimistic Canadian independent literary press working at the forefront of contemporary book culture. We publish critically acclaimed and award-winning books of literary fiction and nonfiction, poetry, and literature in translation.

BOMB Magazine

Artists in conversation, since 1981. Printed quarterly, online daily. Home to the Oral History Project and FUSE: A BOMB Podcast. We will offer a wrap a one-year subscription with BOMB: The Author Interviews book for $30.00. Drawing on 30 years of BOMB Magazine, this anthology brings together some of the greatest figures of world literature […]

Black Lawrence Press

Black Lawrence Press is an independent publisher of contemporary poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. We also publish the occasional translation from German. Our books are distributed nationally through Small Press Distribution to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and various brick and mortar retailers. We also make our titles available through our website and at various conferences […]

Bellevue Literary Press

Bellevue Literary Press was founded in historic Bellevue Hospital in 2007. Named a New York magazine “Reason to Love New York” and a Powell’s Books “Favorite Small Press,” we publish award-winning literary fiction and nonfiction at the intersection of the arts and sciences. Visit us online at www.blpress.org.

Author Daisy Jordan

I write contemporary fiction, teen lit, and mystery. I love to call my books beach reads. 🙂 My characters are teens and twentysomethings, and my books tell the stories of their relationships and friendships and always include some shocking twists, a little scandal, and, of course, a cliffhanger!

Akashic Books

Akashic Books is a Brooklyn-based independent company dedicated to publishing literary fiction, crime fiction, and political nonfiction by authors who are either ignored by the mainstream, or who have no interest in working within the ever-consolidating ranks of the major corporate publishers.

AK Press

A worker-run collective that publishes and distributes anarchist and other radical books to expand minds and change worlds.

Zephyr Press

Zephyr Press is an independent, non-profit publisher specializing in poetry in translation.

World Editions

With offices in New York, London and Amsterdam, World Editions promotes voices from around the globe by publishing books from many different countries and languages into English translation. Through our work, we aim to enhance dialogue between cultures, foster new connections, and open doors which may otherwise have remained closed.

Women’s National Book Association

The Women’s National Book Association was founded in 1917 by female booksellers who weren’t allowed to join men’s organizations. A century later, the WNBA is still supporting the book industry through literary events, networking, literacy projects, workshops, open mic nights, book clubs, and more. Our members represent every aspect of the book industry–from readers to […]

Whiskey Tit

Whisk(e)y Tit is committed to restoring degradation and degeneracy to the literary arts. We work with authors who are unwilling to sacrifice intellectual rigor, unrelenting playfulness, and visual beauty in our literary pursuits, often leading to texts that would otherwise be abandoned in today’s largely homogenized literary landscape. In a world governed by idiocy, our […]

Verso Books

Verso Books is the largest independent radical publisher in the world.

Ugly Duckling Presse

Ugly Duckling Presse is a nonprofit publisher for poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction, performance texts, and books by artists. UDP favors emerging, international, and “forgotten” writers, and its books, chapbooks, artist’s books, broadsides, and periodicals often contain handmade elements, calling attention to the labor and history of bookmaking.

Two Lines Press

Two Lines Press is an award-winning press committed to publishing outstanding literature in translation.

Turtle Point Press

Turtle Point Press is an independent publisher distinguished by books of exceptional literary content and elegant design. The Press has been delighting writers and readers with new fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry, memoir, works in translation, and rediscovered classics for over thirty years.

Theatre Communications Group

Theatre Communications Group’s (TCG) mission is to lead for a just and thriving theatre ecology. TCG Books is the largest independent trade publisher of dramatic literature in North America, with 18 Pulitzer Prizes for Best Play on its book list. The book program commits to the life-long career of its playwrights, keeping all of their […]

The Point Magazine

The Point is a Chicago-based magazine of philosophical writing on everyday life and culture. Published three times a year in print and continuously online, the magazine is dedicated to the adventure of genuine dialogue.

The Paris Review

The Paris Review is a literary arts non-profit with a twofold mission: promote public appreciation of excellence in the literary and visual arts and foster the development of creative individuals as writers and artists. To these ends, we publish and promote established and emerging voices in our 67-year-running journal, as well as a growing multimedia […]

The New School

The New School invites you to join a community of diverse writers, become part of New York City’s publishing world, and build a network of support on campus and beyond. Our prestigious MFA Creative Writing program is designed to help you develop your craft in workshops and literature seminars led by an internationally recognized faculty […]

Tapioca Stories

Tapioca Stories is a New York-based children’s book publishing house with Latin American soul. We are carefully selecting and translating children’s books written and illustrated by unique and ingenious contemporary Latin American artists, originally written in Spanish and Portuguese. We publish stunning illustrated books that express ideas beyond words…and borders.

Sisters in Crime–NYC/TriState Chapter

Sisters in Crime was founded in 1986 to promote the advancement of women crime writers. Today, the organization boasts 4,200 members and more than 60 chapters worldwide. The New York/TriState Chapter welcomes everyone! We’re an inclusive community for all who write and love crime fiction, mystery, thrillers, and suspense.

Rutgers University Press

Rutgers University Press is a publisher dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge to scholars, students, and the general public.

Revolution Books

American politics races towards full-out fascism. The planet burns. Why…what to do? The beating heart of RB is a new, scientific framework for human emancipation, the new communism developed by Bob Avakian. Truth-telling history, international fiction, poetry. Discussion and performance. Awakening potential for the better world that IS possible.

Restless Books

Restless Books is an independent, nonprofit publisher devoted to championing essential voices from around the world whose stories speak to us across linguistic and cultural borders. We seek extraordinary international literature for adults and young readers that feeds our restlessness: our hunger for new perspectives, passion for other cultures and languages, and eagerness to explore […]

Red Hen Press

Red Hen Press seeks to discover and publish works of literary excellence, support diversity in a creative industry, promote literacy in our local schools, and serve as a hub for literary events and enrichment. We are a community of readers and writers who are actively engaged in the essential human practice known as literature.

Radix Media

Radix Media is a worker-owned printer and publisher based in Brooklyn, NY. We publish new ideas and fresh perspectives, prioritizing the voices of typically marginalized communities to get to the root of the human experience. All of our titles are edited, typeset, designed, and produced in-house.

Princeton University Press

Princeton University Press is a leading independent publisher of trade and scholarly books. Visit the subject pages on our website to browse a collection of titles in your area of interest, or our Ideas section for videos, podcasts and more great reads.

PM Press

PM Press is an independent, radical publisher of books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire. Politics, music, history, fiction, culture, art, kids, and more. We’re old enough to know what we’re doing and young enough to know what’s at stake. Join us to create a better world.


Since 1971, Ploughshares has cultivated the freshest voices in contemporary American literature, and now provides readers with thoughtful and entertaining writing. Our award-winning literary journal is published four times a year; our lively literary blog publishes daily. Find out why the New York Times named Ploughshares “the Triton among minnows.”


Papercutz is a leading and pioneering Kids comics publisher with major licensed properties and highly reviewed new series, from brand new creative series like THE QUEEN’S FAVORITE WITCH and SCHOOL FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL GIRLS to international classics like our re-launch of ASTERIX and THE SMURFS! Click “website” to see our special Brooklyn Book Festival page!

OR Books

OR Books is a new type of publishing company. It embraces progressive change in politics, culture, and the way we do business. To avoid the waste of unsold stock and returns, we produce our books print-on-demand and sell them direct to our customers at www.orbooks.com.

New York Writers Workshop

New York Writers Workshop is a nonprofit literary organization offering workshops, consultations, mentoring, to writers at any level, in the five boroughs, throughout the nation, and across the globe.

New York Review Books

Originally founded to make out-of-print classics available, NYRB’s program now includes original books and new translations by canonical figures and contemporary masters. It publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry titles in its adult imprints New York Review Books, NYRB Classics, NYRComics, and NYRB Poets and it publishes children’s book as well.

New Vessel Press

New Vessel Press is an independent publishing house devoted to fiction and narrative nonfiction from around the world.

McPherson & Company

Since 1974, McPherson & Company has been publishing adventurous writers of fiction (American and British, as well as translations from Spanish, French, and Italian) and non-fiction (film-making, art theory, biography, memoir, music, performance art, and ethnography). High quality, well designed, award-winning books for adventurous readers. We also have a killer T-shirt. And our sister company, […]

Luna Press

Founded in New Orleans, Luna Press is dedicated to publishing beautiful illustrated and photography books that emphasize both words and images – based on Baudelaire’s idea that there are “correspondences” between the arts and that the most natural appreciation of an artwork may be a response to it in another.

Jewish Currents

Founded in 1946, Jewish Currents is a magazine committed to the rich tradition of thought, activism, and culture of the Jewish left.

Interlink Publishing

Established in 1987, Interlink Publishing is a Massachusetts-based independent publishing house that offers a global, cosmopolitan perspective. Our list is devoted to works of literature-in-translation, history & politics, international cuisine, art, cultural guides, and illustrated children’s books from around the world. Imprints: Interlink Books, Olive Branch Press, & Crocodile Books.

Harlem Writers Guild, Inc.

Harlem Writers Guild, Inc. is the oldest, continuously operating African American writer’s guild in the world! We nurture and celebrate literature from the worldwide African Diaspora. Since 1950, HWG has affirmed the African American experience culturally, socially, and politically, through outstanding literary works.

Feminist Press

Founded in 1970, the Feminist Press publishes books that ignite movements and social transformation. We have become the vanguard for books on contemporary feminist issues of equality and gender identity, and lift up insurgent and marginalized voices from around the world to build a more just future.

Europa Editions

We are an independent New York-based publisher of literary fiction, high-end mystery and noir, and narrative non-fiction from around the world.

Editorial Freelancers Association

The Editorial Freelancers Association (the-efa.org) is a national organization of more than 3,000 freelance editorial specialists who can help you take your manuscript to the next level. We help writers understand the editorial process and connect them to editors through our free Member Directory and Job List.

Brooklyn Poets

Brooklyn Poets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization celebrating and cultivating the poets, poetry and literary heritage of Brooklyn, the birthplace of American poetry.

Deep Vellum

Deep Vellum Publishing is a not-for-profit literary publisher that seeks to enhance the open exchange of ideas among cultures and to connect the world’s greatest contemporary writers with English-language readers.