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Books that enhance your daily life on a spiritual and humanistic level.

  1. Parkinson's Lite at its core, is inspirational. This glimpse into Marie’s life details her amazing progress and gives hope and positive reminders to those who suffer from Parkinson’s and other debilitating diseases.

  2. The Exquisite AHAVA=ECHAD Collection of revolutionary Torah books designed to bring us face to face with the pictorial script in which A True Torah Scroll is scribed & teach what the symbols depict. Get acquainted with the 22 symbols of the Aleph Bet in their True Forms with the Aleph Bet Coloring Creation Book- (2 pens included) or The Redesigned Tehillim ("Psalms") with The Aramaic Targum – inter-linearly placed & color coded with full English introduction.

Schnapps Press // Ahava = Echad’s highlighted books