House of SpeakEasy

147 Prince St., 3rd Floor

House of SpeakEasy connects authors and audiences in innovative and sustaining ways. Founded in 2013 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, SpeakEasy is dedicated to the idea that literature matters, and that the essence of literary culture is the relationship between writers and their readers. To foster that relationship, SpeakEasy seeks to bring authors out from behind the book, screen, and lectern and into direct contact with readers; ensure that writers are compensated for their work and time; and stimulate the audiences of tomorrow by exposing them to the best writing of today. SpeakEasy provides literary programming to the general public, high school students, and families in underserved communities. It also operates a bookmobile that distributes free books to “book deserts,” areas where access to bookstores and libraries is limited, or worse, nonexistent.


House of SpeakEasy’s highlighted books: