Terms of agreement

Brooklyn Book Festival (BKBF) Terms of Agreement for Bookends Presenters

As part of the Bookend submission process, BKBF requires that you, the Bookend Partner, sign off on the terms of participation, set forth below, which we require of all presenters to ensure that every Bookend fully recognizes and promotes its relationship to the Festival. With your support, we look forward to once again showcasing and promoting a robust and exciting week of Bookends.

Bookend presenters agree to:

  1. Presenters will feature the BKBF Bookends logo (jpeg or pdf, which we will provide after your submission is accepted) and/or the words “THIS IS AN OFFICIAL 2024 BROOKLYN BOOK FESTIVAL BOOKEND EVENT” (in all caps) on all marketing materials that you produce and on any screen title slide that opens a bookend. Additionally, we require advance approval of marketing materials and website designs before they go public. (You can simply email a copy—posters, cards, artwork, screen shots—for us to review and approve, confirming that official wording and/or the Bookend logo has been applied. Examples will be provided.)
  2. Bookend Presenters will be responsible for submitting copy for their event listings in the Festival program guide and for the BKBF website by the deadline and in the requested format. (Deadlines will be announced upon acceptance.)
  3. Our social media team will be promoting Bookends. Presenters agree to use our hashtag #BKBF, to tag us @bkbookfest on Instagram / @BKBF on Twitter), and generally cross-promote your Bookend with your community of followers and ours.
  4. Bookend presenters agree that official copies of the BKBF festival program guides may be given out (free) to their Bookend audiences. Bookend presenters will allow BKBF Ambassador(s) to attend your event to facilitate distribution.
  5. BKBF reserves the right to send an official photographer to document your event.
  6. Bookend presenters may not connect sponsors to the Festival at large, but only to the individual Bookend event. Bookend sponsors must be cleared with BKBF in advance to avoid conflicts with BKBF sponsors.
  7. Bookend Partners agree to read a statement at the beginning of their program stating that the event is a BKBF Bookend, and providing the date and location of the Festival Day. (BKBF to provide copy of the statement in advance.)
  8. BKBF does not permit, and will not approve, Bookend events that are fundraisers for presenting publications or organizations.
  9. Title screens and projected wall paper at events must include the Brooklyn Book Festival logo.
  10. Bookend Partners agree that all Bookend programs will be open to the public, whether ticketed or for free admission.
  11. Each Bookend presenting partner must take responsibility to adhere to New York City and State COVID 19 guidance and restrictions regulating live events.