Fighting for the World, presented with NYU’s 370 J Project

Water has taken over a hot world and few places survive, but a magical place called Garbagetown and a girl full of love. Greed runs rampant when a powerful new metal arrives on earth in the wake of a meteor shower, spawning a resource frenzy that engulfs a small community. Join Lincoln Michel (The Body […]

Intimacy on the Page: Closeness and Distance (virtual)

How is writing about intimacy shaped by recent changes in how we hold emotional and physical space? On this panel Melissa Febos (Girlhood), Jeremy Atherton Lin (Gay Bar: Why We Went Out), Larissa Pham (Pop Song), and Sarah Schulman (Let the Record Show) will discuss the experience of writing about intimacy on the page, how […]

Incarceration and its Afterlives (virtual)

Though they are often overlooked, the burdens of prison do not fall only on prisoners. The friends, loved ones, and communities of people who are incarcerated—and even those who have served their time and returned home—often find their lives reshaped. Sociologist Reuben Jonathan Miller (Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass Incarceration) with […]

Using History to Break Its Cycle (virtual)

Education, agitprop, individual testimonies, evidence. There are many ways to break cycles of oppression. These authors combine their personal histories and talents with a determination to illuminate and challenge social inequities lingering from the past. Join authors Nate Powell (Save it for Later), Sharon Lee De La Cruz (I’m a Wild Seed), Beka Feathers (Re: […]

I’ve Found a Reason – (virtual)

Join two of today’s most celebrated writers, Pulitzer Prize winner Viet Thanh Nguyen and National Book Award finalist Lauren Groff, for a wide-ranging  conversation about their craft. Nguyen’s latest novel, The Committed, follows “the man of two minds” as he takes refuge in 1980s Paris, only to find himself immersed in the city’s criminal underworld. […]

Hope, Possibility, & Re-Reckoning (virtual)

Poets Camonghne Felix (Build Yourself a Boat), Taylor Johnson (Inheritance), Naomi Shihab Nye (Everything Comes Next: Collected and New Poems), and Khadijah Queen (Anodyne) will discuss how poetry provides us with new ways to reckon with and understand our intersecting pasts, presents, and futures, and in doing so, builds new pathways towards hope and possibility. […]