Arts Activism and Curatorial Perspectives

Kimberly Drew, arts writer, curator, and activist, This Is What I Know About Art, in conversation with celebrated photographer, artist, curator and author, Deborah Willis talking about art as both a reflection on society and an opportunity to change society and make inclusive space for artists. Moderated by Naomi Extra, scholar, poet and writer.

Colson Whitehead and Arundhati Roy: A Reading

Colson Whitehead and Arundhati Roy, two writers whose work has become powerfully embedded in our imagination over the past few decades, read from their recent work, followed by Q & A.  Whitehead, winner of the 2017 BoBi award, will read from his novel, The Nickel Boys, winner of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Roy, […]

Outcasts and Outsiders

Children required to be mature beyond their years, adults seeking lives worth writing about, and other fascinating characters populate the exciting novels and stories of these award-winning authors. Join Pulitzer Prize finalist Lydia Millet (A Children’s Bible), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and novelist Héctor Tobar (The Last Great Road Bum), and best-selling author Lidia Yuknavitch (Verge) […]

I Think We’re Alone Now

An Iranian journalist heads to the front lines of war in Iraq and Syria. A girl and her father are the last two people on Earth. And in a town ravaged by environmental disaster, a cult leader promises to bring rain. Where can these characters find humanity in such dystopian worlds? Join novelist Salar Abdoh […]

Dark Lords of Empire

Corporate greed and extreme inequality loom large in these authors’ most recent books, which investigate the human implications of national politics through the lens of a marginalized immigrant family in one case and inter-class relationships in the other. Join Pulitzer Prize-winning author and playwright Ayad Akhtar (Homeland Elegies) and National Book Award finalist Emily St. […]

Failed Promise: Talking About My Generation

There are moments in the lives of countries and generations when the future appears to burn especially bright with hope and youthful promise. But what happens when dreams sour, when pioneering generations lurch into middle-age? Daniel Galera’s Twenty After Midnight follows a circle of literary provocateurs whose webzine revolutionized the internet and shook up Brazilian […]