The Girl Before Her with Line Papin and Jean Chen Ho (In Person)

Translated into English from French by Adriana Hunter and Lylan Dill, Line Papin‘s The Girl Before Her is described by Viet Thanh Nguyen (The Sympathizer) as “A fable, a dream, a nightmare, … a sharp little book that fits like a wedge between the ribs.” Join Kaya Press for an event featuring Papin in conversation […]

Fierce Reads Presents: The Thrills and Chills Tour (In Person)

From seemingly prestigious boarding schools filled with malicious forces to cutthroat competitions and dark magic in the catacombs of Paris, these young adult authors know how to keep you up at night! Join Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé (Ace of Spades), Jamison Shea (I Feed Her to the Beast and the Beast Is Me), Tomi Oyemakinde (The Changing […]

Beyond the Acclaimed Debut (In Person)

The John Leonard Prize celebrates the year’s best first book. Incredible attention is lavished upon debut authors (the nominees and winners of this prize can attest), but once it’s time to get back to work, how do acclaimed writers work within the limelight and around expectation to carry on with their careers? 2022 finalist Zain […]

A Night of Ancient Mystery, Mozart, & Merriment (In Person)

Please join the Coffee House Club’s Urbane Conspirators and HIP Lit for an unforgettable night cloaked in Gothic suspense as mysteries abound in readings, conversation, and music. To be held at Salmagundi, a private arts club housed in a historic brownstone mansion in Greenwich Village. All in celebration of the paperback release of Joanna Margaret‘s […]

VOICE: A Lens to Black Experiences (Virtual)

Diversity is a call to arms, challenging society to be inclusive. The Black community is richly diverse, comprising many villages. We compare the teachings of forefathers from other places and grandmothers who’d migrated north or across oceans by choice. We are the ancestors in our lineage. We perceive the world differently and filter those experiences […]

Yearnings of a Chat Bot: Are Poets the Original Chat Bots? (In Person)

The romantic ideation of the half human/half robot is one that we have been musing since computerized sentience in woman/man/creature form has graced our movies and tv shows: Terminator, Blade Runner, Ex-Machina, Metropolis, etc. This longing to understand the Machine-Man, the Maschinenmensch, comes from the fact that we have always had relationships with machines, from […]

Zine-making for Personal & Community Storytelling (In Person)

Zines are handmade books, typically created by hand with basic materials–paper, scissors, pens, and ideas. Zine-making can facilitate the development of personal and community-based storytelling. Join the Brooklyn Community Pride Center’s Zine-Making Workshop in partnership with Booklyn, Inc. Brooklyn Community Pride Center; 1360 Fulton Street, Ground Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11216 – wheelchair accessible

We Speak Our Names: Lived Narratives (Virtual)

Join Poets Network & Exchange and the Bronx Book Fair for an intergenerational collective of powerful voices and performances by poets/spoken word performance artists Edward D. Currelley, Lorraine Currelley, and Caroline Reddy. Please register in advance in the Zoom link provided.