Preparing for the Presidential Election

Are we ready for this?​ Historian Carol Anderson (One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression is Destroying Our Democracy), alongside former political consultant and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson (Running Against the Devil) and New York Times editorial board member Jesse Wegman (Let the People Pick the President: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College). […]

Stand Up, Speak Out, Make Comics

From humor to horror, from journalism to first-person POV, these authors explore connections between uprisings of the past and speaking out loud in the present day. Travel from the protests against war and incarceration in the 1970s with Jared Reinmuth (Big Black: Stand at Attica) and Derf Backderf (Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio) to […]

Icons of American Culture

A handsome baseball star, a Los Angeles talent manager who was in all the wrong places at all the wrong times, and a certain “nasty woman” who won a certain popular vote, reimagined through historical fiction—these characters prove that fame, in any field, has its price. Join celebrated writer and filmmaker Nelson George (The Darkest […]

Multiple Witnesses/Multiple Realities (in Spanish)

Who do we trust to tell a story and who are the true witnesses to a reality impossible to understand from just one angle? Featuring Fernanda Melchor, Marcial Gala, and Nona Fernandez, this panel delves into the work of three vibrant new writers from Latin America whose novels provide polyphonic examinations of collective reckoning. Fernanda […]

Secrets & Lies

New York Times bestselling authors Karen McManus (One of Us Is Next) and Rory Power (Burn Our Bodies Down) join acclaimed author Camryn Garrett (Full Disclosure) in a riveting conversation about fear, deception, and the lengths characters will go to keep some truths hidden. Moderated by debut author of K-pop Confidential, Stephan Lee.

Brooklyn Book Bodega Story Time Walking Tour

Brooklyn Book Bodega Story Time Walking Tour  Stroll with us through Downtown Brooklyn while learning some of the amazing history of the neighborhood through story. We will read about Ida B. Wells and the Duffield Houses on Abolitionist Place. Then learn about our nonprofit organization,  the term “bodega,” and read a final book with us […]