Selections from “Pinkalicious the Musical”

Vital Theatre Company, Inc. presents selections from “Pinkalicious the Musical.” After eating one too many pink cupcakes, Pinkalicous wakes up with Pinkititis! Now pink from head to toe, this is a dream for pink-lover Pinkalicious. But when her hue goes too far, only Pinkalicious can figure out how to get out of this predicament.

A Major Ingredient Is the Cook

Three popular chefs talk about their new books: Cal Peternell (Burnt Toast and Other Disasters), chef of Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse; food and culture writer Matt Rodbard (Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts, co-authored by Daniel Holzman) and Nicole A. Taylor (Watermelon and Red Birds: A Cookbook for Juneteenth […]

FUN! Hula-Hooping, Games & More.

Join Polygon co-founder, Russ Frushtick, The Book of Fun, and professional, hula hooper, Ann Humphreys, The Tao of Hoop: On the Transformational Practice of Hula-Hooping (Seriously, Though) for an amusing and enlightening program about balancing out your life and enjoying a refresh with good old-fashioned fun. Moderated by Brian Vines, journalist and Festival board member.

Lego and Block Building

Join Brooklyn Bridge Parents for Lego and block building for children of all ages. Whether it is a bridge, skyscraper, ball track or school – come build, play and laugh with us! Peruse Lego books for inspiration or make your own. 

Coming of Age: The Life-Changing Moment

In memoir, there’s often that fateful moment when a chance meeting, a gut instinct, a new environment, or some potent combination of all three can change the course of a life forever. Join Kate Gavino (A Career In Books), James Spooner (The High Desert: Black, Punk, Nowhere) Gengoroh Tagame (Our Colors), and Malaka Gharib (It […]


Novels of magical transformations operate on various levels, physical and metaphorical. In Mohsin Hamid’s The Last White Man, assumptions of race and identity are upended as a mysterious contagion turns white citizens brown. In Monique Roffey’s The Mermaid of Black Conch, an Indigenous Caribbean woman is turned into a mermaid—and then back again; while in […]

Roads Not Taken

What forces shape the different paths we take in life, or otherwise serve to close off those roads? James Hannaham transports readers of Didn’t Nobody Give a Shit What Happened to Carlotta to Brooklyn, bringing to life its community and those who persevere in the face of unjust political institutions and the prison system. In […]

Epic Character Face-Offs!

In this interactive program, you get to build the wildest, weirdest characters you can think of and decide who wins when they face off in some seriously epic battles! Can a wizard with laser eyes beat a time-traveler who toots poisonous gas? Will a three-headed kitten out-cute a pygmy unicorn? Master storyteller Ibi Zoboi (Star […]

The Blur by Dan Santat

Meet a special child with amazing abilities: elastic limbs, an ultrasonic voice, and super speed! Meet THE BLUR! But as she zooms through life, can her parents ever manage to keep up? Written by Minh Lê and illustrated by Caldecott-winner Dan Santat, The Blur is a heartwarming ode to childhood, and the way it all […]

Time Travel

What are the legends and myths of a community’s earliest encounters with outsiders—of different races and faiths—and what do these divisions look like in the distant future when nations have broken apart once again? This is the territory of Rwandan writer Scholastique Mukasonga, author of Kibogo (translated by Mark Polizzotti), and Russian writer-in-exile Vladimir Sorokin, […]

The Legitimacy of Law at a Crossroads

From the Supreme Court to presidential administration, from local criminal courts to state election bureaus, Americans of all political leanings are increasingly voicing skepticism about the legitimacy of our laws and legal institutions. Authors William Araiza (Rebuilding Expertise), Wilfred U. Codrington III, (co-author of The People’s Constitution: 200 Years, 27 Amendments, and the Promise of […]

Struggling to Survive

How do we persevere in the face of disaster? In Weike Wang’s Joan is Okay, a young ICU doctor faces sudden upheaval in her family just as the coronavirus pandemic throws the world into disarray. A man searches for his missing friend and answers during counter-revolutionary bombings in ’90s Havana in Ernesto Mestre-Reed’s Sacrificio. And […]

Sick and Satired

If laughter is the best medicine, satire may be the cure-all we need for the myriad ills of our time. In A. M. Homes’s new satirical novel, The Unfolding, a wealthy Republican donor outraged by the results of the 2008 election puts together a coalition of like-minded individuals to get America “back on track.” And […]

Back-to-School in Bed-Stuy (In-Person)

Kick-off Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends Week with free books, school supplies, craft workshops, and more. United by a shared mission of building community, increasing book access, and fostering a love of reading, READ 718, Brooklyn Book Bodega, and House of SpeakEasy present a back-to-school celebration for young readers, their families, and booklovers of all ages. […]