LIVE WEBINAR -Transcending Grief

Although these authors explore the tragedy of losing family members and friends, they also highlight the triumph of finding new life in the vacuums every loss leaves behind. Join debut novelist Ilana Masad (All My Mother’s Lovers), National Book Award–winning novelist Sigrid Nunez (What Are You Going Through), and National Humanities Medal recipient Joyce Carol […]

Laughing Through Tears

Laughing Through Tears. A woman about to marry someone she doesn’t love. Gay men who can’t stop lying. A struggling writer’s desperate quest for connection. Black women who defy societal expectations to explore their dreams and desires. These characters may sound troubled, but what their authors have in common is a dark sense of humor […]

Imagining Other Americas presented with the New York Review of Books

We are living in an America that was, not very long ago, unimaginable to many of us: a country whose political life, economic prospects, and natural environment all resemble  something out of dystopian (or, in the case of the environment, science-fiction). This panel gathers together a varied group of frequent contributors to The New York […]

Ripples of Violence: Personal and Literary

While the world faces unrest from a multitude of directions, in some countries it’s been part of their very foundation. These authors’ books meditate on dispossession, violence, and language in Palestine; familial ties and political murder in 1970s Congo; and the kidnapping of a Mexican student by unlikely gangsters before his flight abroad to Spain. […]

Kate Messner

Join award-winning author Kate Messner as she shares Over and Under the Rainforest, a story that invites young readers to visit the rainforests of Central America from the comfort of their own homes and get to know the colorful creatures that live there.

Ibtihaj Muhammad and Samira Ahmed

Olympic medalist and activist Ibtihaj Muhammad joins up with bestselling author Samira Ahmed for a reading of Muhammad’s, The Proudest Blue, a universal story of new experiences and sibling bonds as two sisters begin a new school year and one sister’s experience on her first day of hijab.

Facing Your Fears

New York Times bestselling author Chris Grabenstein (Mr. Lemoncello and the Titanium Ticket) joins two debut standouts, Jessica Kim (Stand Up, Yumi Chung!) and Janae Marks (From the Desk of Zoe Washington), to discuss how their characters face their fears—whether that be a death-defying scavenger hunt, telling jokes on stage, or finding the truth about […]


Break out the art supplies and join Mika Song (Donut Feed the Squirrels) in a comics-making workshop for ages 5 and up! Mika will give tips on the basic tools in a comic-creator’s toolbox, alongside her best pals, Norma and Belly. All you need to bring is a piece of paper, something to draw with, […]