Singing the Books 

Flor Bromley, a bilingual actress/singer/songwriter, storyteller and puppeteer, opens Children’s Day with her sing along fun, bringing books to life as songs – in Spanish and English!

Governing Gender

The fight for LGBTQ rights and, more broadly, toward an expansive approach to sexuality and gender identity, has always been closely intertwined with government and the law. Hugh Ryan (The Women’s House of Detention: A Queer History of a Forgotten Prison) looks at the role of the carceral system in “policing queerness,” a terrible legacy […]

Jazzed and Poetic

Music and language are a match for the ages. Begin the morning with jazz and poetry with poets Jay Deshpande and Jason Koo (More Than Mere Light), together with Kim Clarke and Friend. 

The Healing Path

Moving past trauma, whether physical, mental, or a bit of both, is a uniquely human challenge. And the ways down that path to healing are as unique and various as people themselves. In beautifully illustrated graphic novel works both intense and inspiring, Kate Schneider (Headland), Elizabeth Trembley (Look Again), and Emma Grove (The Third Person) […]

Working Title (In-Person)

Using sound, installation, photography, collage, and selected excerpts, inaugural Rutan-Becket Writer in Residence Stella Fiore presents “Working Title,” an immersive literary exhibition of her work-in-progress. Step inside a love story exploring feminine, sexual, and ethnic identity set in Italy and the US. The private, unseen, years-long process of writing a novel will also be made […]