Between the Lines: Stories from the Underground

Books Are Magic and Uli Beutter Cohen present the new book from the acclaimed creator of Subway Book Review. Uli will be joined by All Adults Here author and Books Are Magic owner Emma Straub as well as an additional guest to celebrate the new book and the wfay stories invite us into each other’s […]

From Isaiah to the Talmud: Jewish Text as Literary Inspiration – Virtual

Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature presents Adam Kirsch, author of Come and Hear: What I Saw in My Seven-and-a-Half-Year Journey through the Talmud and Aviya Kushner, author of Wolf Lamb Bomb and The Grammar of God, discuss how the ancient can inform the contemporary—and how centuries of Jewish text and thought shape their work […]

Live Power in the Pen Writers Workshop – Virtual

Power in the Pen Writing Workshop will feature Live! Members of the PIP Writing Workshop reading from their manuscripts and receiving feedback from their fellow members and the facilitator, author/professor Cathie Wright-Lewis, who will also offer writing tips on grammar and conventions. Readers are Tayllor Johnson, Lenora “NIecy” Fine, Betty Boney, Zechariah Jackson, Diane Ortiz, […]

New York Stories – In-person

The Miss Manhattan Non-Fiction Reading Series welcomes fabulous writers to read about their experiences living in and/or loving the city. Join us for a phenomenal night of truths celebrating everything bodacious and bananas about the five boroughs. Readers: Linda Simpson (The Drag Explosion, Artforum, Out), William Berger (Metropolitan Opera, Seeking Opera’s Sublime Cache, NPR), Erica […]

The School I Deserve with Jo Napolitano and Libraries for Liberation – Virtual

Kew and Willow Books invites you to a lively virtual discussion with Jo Napolitano, author of The School I Deserve: Six Young Refugees and Their Fight for Equality in America, who will be in conversation with a member of Libraries for Liberation, an organization that distributes books that raise awareness of diversity and systemic racism […]

Feminicide and Global Accumulation Launch – In-person

Feminicide and Global Accumulation brings us to the frontlines of an international movement of Black, Indigenous, popular, and mestiza women’s organizations fighting against violence—interpersonal, state sanctioned, and economic. Join Silvia Federici, Susana Draper, and Liz Mason-Deese as they discuss how these struggles against racism, capitalism, and patriarchy show how crucially linked the land, water, and […]

Greenlight Bookstore Annual Brooklyn Indie Party – Virtual

For our 12th annual Brooklyn Indie Party, Greenlight once again partners with the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses and some of Brooklyn’s best independent book and magazine publishers to kick off Brooklyn Book Festival weekend! The virtual event channels the spirit of past in-person parties with music, drink-making demos, and a pub quiz-style Brooklyn […]

Lampblack Lit Founders Issue Launch – In-person

Lampblack, an organization created by Black writers to support the advancement of Black literature, launches its eponymous literary magazine featuring the works of its founding members. Hosted by writer Simeon Marsalis, the event will include presentations by Founders Issue editors Paige Aniyah Morris and India Lena Gonzalez, readings by contributors Bronwyn Douman, Ananda Naima Gonzalez, […]

Writing Brooklyn’s Future – In-person

St. Francis College MFA Program touts that the future of the Brooklyn literary landscape is here. A group reading with the St. Francis College MFA community brings you dispatches from the new Brooklyn, vibrant, confident, and gritty. Take a tour through new writing about or from the future of the borough from the writers who […]

Queer Indie, The Writing Community Chat Show: Spotlights Indie Authors – Virtual

Free event that will feature Queer Indie (Qi) and the Writing Community Chat Show (WCCS). Topics will include the ingenuity of indie publishing, bold and brave ideas, paving the future for diverse and inclusive stories, and breaking narrative boundaries. This interactive show will be live-streamed on WCCS’s YouTube channel and feature discussions along with real-time […]

Kia Corthron Discusses Moon & the Mars with Sarah Schulman – Virtual

BPL presents Kia Corthron, winner of the Center for Fiction’s First Novel Prize and author of Moon and the Mars, the highly anticipated new novel that examines NYC and America in the burgeoning moments before the start of the Civil War through the eyes of a young biracial girl, discusses her new book, as well […]

Orion Magazine presents Environmental Storytelling – Virtual

How can storytelling contend with the legacies of resource extraction, toxic industries, and systematic disenfranchisement? How can storytellers bear witness to people harmed by such legacies — legacies that continue to manifest with each passing day? How can storytelling address the broader psychological, social, emotional, and cultural landscapes of such contested ecologies? Kerri Arsenault, John […]

Greenlight’s Paperback Book Launch: Caoilinn Hughes and Diane Cook – Virtual

Join Greenlight Bookstore for the belated paperback launch of Caoilinn Hughes’ The Wild Laughter and Diane Cook’s The New Wilderness. These award-winning authors will together discuss the shared themes of their novels, including an exploration of citizens’ relationships with land and ownership, and the changing equipment parents must give their children to help ensure their […]

Precipice: An Evening with Kundiman, No Token, and The Rumpus – Virtual

Join Kundiman, No Tokens, and The Rumpus for an inspiring evening of readings and conversation! Featuring Rohan Chhetri, Aaliyah Daniels, Pik-Shuen Fung, Robin Gow, Myriam Gurba, and Terese Mailhot and co-hosted by T Kira Mahealani Madden, Marisa Siegel, and Kyle Lucia Wu. This free event is brought to you via Zoom with thanks to our […]

PEN America Presents Maggie Nelson and Cathy Park Hong – Virtual

PEN America is proud to present Maggie Nelson in conversation with Cathy Park Hong in celebration of Nelson’s latest book, On Freedom: Four Songs of Care and Constraint. In her new book, Nelson focuses her deft, boundary-pushing writing on freedom within the realm of art, sex, drugs, and climate. Nelson will explore the concept of […]

60th Anniversary of “The Wretched of the Earth,” Featuring Cornel West – In-person

Revolution Books honors one of the most influential radical texts of the second half of the 20th century, Wretched of the Earth, which analyzes the dehumanizing effects of colonialism-imperialism on the oppressed of the Third World…and is a powerful call to revolt. Cornel West’s introduction to the 60th anniversary edition addresses the book’s legacy and […]

Powerhouse Arena Book Launch: BAM … and Then It Hit Me – In-person

On the occasion of her new book BAM…and Then It Hit Me, a chronicle of her 36 years at BAM, Karen Brooks Hopkins and John Turturro will shoot the breeze and converse about theater, Brooklyn, the arts and of course – BAM, an institution near and dear to both of them. Karen will read some […]

No, YOU Tell It! “Defiant” – In-Person

Lambda Literary has teamed up with nonfiction series No, YOU Tell It! for a special evening of queer storytelling with a twist. Four curated storytellers have worked together to develop their true tales inspired by the theme “Defiant” on the page. Come watch as they swap and present each other’s stories on stage. Plus, a […]

Funny Money – Virtual

Money – we love to read about it, few of us understand it. We’ll hear from authors with popular books taking us behind this year’s big finance stories. Gender diversity in hedge funds, crypto, and the drama at Caesar’s Palace are all on the table for a lively reading and discussion that’s relevant to all […]

Hybrid Narratives: Mary Gaitskill & Sherry Turkle, presented by the Brooklyn Public Library

Two acclaimed authors discuss their hybrid mode. In The Devil’s Treasure, the iconic author Mary Gaitskill has created a chimerical hybrid of fiction, memoir, essay, criticism, and visual art that transcends categorization. This collage of four novels, interspersed with a single short story, is a kind of director’s cut revealing the personal and societal forces […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

In Nudes, Elle Nash’s short stories traverse the lives and desires of working-class women, from ex-sex workers to brides-to-be. Brontez Purnell’s 100 Boyfriends follows queer men across the country as they navigate messy relationships and emotional minefields. And Melissa Broder’s Milk Fed follows a woman who obsessively counts calories as she severs ties with her […]

Driven by the Living Past

When critical analysis and even basic facts of American history are under attack, regarding events of four centuries ago or from earlier this year, what can we learn from stories of Black life that have been distorted, immortalized, or lost? How can African American storytelling traditions help charge and change what we understand about our […]

Intimacy on the Page: Closeness and Distance

How is writing about intimacy shaped by recent changes in how we hold emotional and physical space? On this panel Melissa Febos (Girlhood), Jeremy Atherton Lin (Gay Bar: Why We Went Out), Larissa Pham (Pop Song), and Sarah Schulman (Let the Record Show) will discuss the experience of writing about intimacy on the page, how […]

Incarceration and its Afterlives

Though they are often overlooked, the burdens of prison do not fall only on prisoners. The friends, loved ones, and communities of people who are incarcerated—and even those who have served their time and returned home—often find their lives reshaped. Sociologist Reuben Jonathan Miller (Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass Incarceration) with […]

Using History to Break Its Cycle

Education, agitprop, individual testimonies, evidence. There are many ways to break cycles of oppression. These authors combine their personal histories and talents with a determination to illuminate and challenge social inequities lingering from the past. Join authors Nate Powell (Save it for Later), Sharon Lee De La Cruz (I’m a Wild Seed), Beka Feathers (Re: […]

The Landscape of Loss

Grieving the loss of a loved one can feel like a tangle of contradictions: an experience at once intensely personal and subjective while also deeply, fundamentally human. Join Kat Chow (Seeing Ghosts), Adam Mansbach (I Had a Brother Once), and Nadia Owusu (Aftershocks) as they share their own journeys navigating this fraught yet fertile terrain—and […]

Alison Bechdel In Conversation

Groundbreaking Eisner Award-winning graphic memoirist Alison Bechdel (Fun Home) discusses her lifelong fascination with fitness crazes, and the search for self-transcendence that she found beneath it, with cartoonist Eric Orner, author of the forthcoming Smahtguy. Her new book The Secret to Superhuman Strength, documenting this journey with everyone from Jack LaLanne to Adrienne Rich in […]

Book Talk, Privilege and Punishment – Virtual

Author Matthew Clair, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Law, Stanford University, is joined by Brooklyn Law School Professors Jocelyn Simonson and Alexis Hoag to discuss his book, Privilege and Punishment: How Race and Class Matter in Criminal Court.  Organization’s Website:

Translating Lives and Legacies in Food Culture

Writing about family or historical figures presents a delicate challenge: How can a new work remain faithful to the work and words of others? How can it retain their voices, and the spirit that animates their efforts? How much should the themes of these personal stories transcend their subjects? And, of course, what can you […]

Richard Wright Today

Presented by the Center for Fiction and the Poetry Society of America. The work of Richard Wright has never felt more necessary and prescient, with the recent publication of his restored novel The Man Who Lived Underground and the launch of Seeing Into Tomorrow, a major public art project in Brooklyn featuring haiku he wrote […]

Writing and Adaptation with Jonathan Lethem, Walter Mosley, and Francine Prose

Presented by the New York Review of Books. What happens when literary works are adapted to other media? The complexities of the process are notoriously daunting; the perils, almost a cliché. But in an era when popular media—television, above all—have attained quasi-literary richness and complexity, it is worth reexamining the age-old dilemma and wondering whether […]

The Past, Present, and Future of Black Music in America

“Black music is black music and it’s all good,” Common rhymes in his classic “I Used to Love HER.” But the story of African-American musical expression is ever-changing, its evolution and impact, titans and forgotten geniuses, routinely debated and reassessed. WNET’s Jenna Flanagan explores this, with Yale professor Daphne Brooks, whose Liner Notes for the […]

From the Past to the Future

The triumphs and tribulations of America’s first Black lieutenant governor. The fight against internment through the eyes of three Japanese Americans during World War II. A Quaker defying his pacifist community by joining the Union Army during the Civil War. When the KKK descended upon a small immigrant-populated town outside Pittsburgh. Undoubtedly, documenting and learning […]

Leaning Into Death: A Conversation About Books on End-of-Life – Virtual

A conversation about changing the way we think about the end of life and on books that are informing this change. David R. Roth, author of The Femme Fatale Hypothesis, speaks with RN and Master of Divinity student Marcy Tardio and End-of-Life Midwife Martha Roth-Irwin about death as our final act of life. The premise: […]

Where Do We Go From Here? Heather McGhee in conversation with George Packer

Join two of America’s most insightful thinkers—Heather McGhee (The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together) and George Packer (Last Best Hope: America in Crisis and Renewal)—as they trace the roots of our seemingly intractable divisions and inequities, diagnose the intertwined maladies afflicting our fragile republic, and offer their […]

Iconic Across Genres

Paul Auster and Joyce Carol Oates are two of the most prolific, well-known and distinguished contemporary American authors, who both write across genres from novels to nonfiction and poetry to plays. Join them as they talk about reading and writing and what compels them to choose amongst genres and topics when they write. Auster’s new […]

The Struggle to Get Rights Right

One of the first words a child learns is “mine” but immediately it is challenged by the word “ours”. American law has struggled since the Constitution was written to balance, respect and protect individual rights within the structure and laws of a democratic society. Author Jamal Greene, How Rights Went Wrong: Why Our Obsession With […]

Mirror on the Wall: the Contemporary American Essay

Humorist Sloane Crosley, award-winning author Rivka Galchen and novelist, memoirist and essayist Clifford Thompson join acclaimed essayist Phillip Lopate (editor of of the anthologies, The Contemporary American Essay, The Golden Age of the American Essay, The Glorious American Essay) to discuss how contemporary essay writing illuminates and challenges beliefs and experiences in the country today.

Transnational Solidarity, from Bollywood to K-Pop

Presented by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop (AAWW). How does the entertainment world of our home cultures impact the work we do? Writers Nisha Sharma (Radha & Jai’s Recipe for Romance) and Kat Cho (Wicked Fox, Vicious Spirits) and journalist Regina Kim will discuss the influence of international industries such as Bollywood and K-Pop on […]

Inspired by a True Story

Everyday lives and experiences feed into the creative force behind these powerful books, from exploring the Latinx diaspora through fifteen different voices and the trials and triumphs of growing up Black and queer, to the life of a Jamaican-American teen on the cusp of adulthood, a worldwide pandemic, and a tidal wave of social justice […]

It’s Funny Because It’s True: Writing The Comedic Memoir

Comedy famously helps us tell the truth about ourselves and the world around us. In their comedic memoirs, Phoebe Robinson (Please Don’t Sit On My Bed In Your Outside Clothes), Sophie Santos (The One You Want to Marry (And Other Identities I’ve Had)), and Greg Mania (Born to Be Public) contemplate life’s trials and tribulations […]

NBF Presents: An Afternoon with the National Book Awards

What do books that investigate bodies, Blackness, the judicial system, and the end of the world have in common? Join 2020 National Book Award–honored authors Rumaan Alam (Leave the World Behind, Finalist, Fiction), Lillian-Yvonne Bertram (Travesty Generator, Longlist, Poetry), Michelle Bowdler (Is Rape a Crime?: A Memoir, an Investigation, and a Manifesto, Longlist, Nonfiction), and […]

Now Comes Good Sailing: Writers Reflect on Henry David Thoreau

The world is never done catching up with Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862), the author of Walden, “Civil Disobedience,” and other classics. A prophet of environmentalism and vegetarianism, an abolitionist, and a critic of materialism and technology, Thoreau even seems to have anticipated a world of social distancing in his famous experiment at Walden Pond. James […]

What Do We Want From Cookbooks?

Cookbooks were once prescriptive: their primary function was simply to instruct. More recently, both cookbooks and food writing have grown more sophisticated and complicated, acknowledging that how we cook is at once deeply personal and inseparable from the broader contexts of culture and society. As the cookbook industry and food media move towards greater inclusivity […]