Coming of Age: The Life-Changing Moment

In memoir, there’s often that fateful moment when a chance meeting, a gut instinct, a new environment, or some potent combination of all three can change the course of a life forever. Join Kate Gavino (A Career In Books), James Spooner (The High Desert: Black, Punk, Nowhere) Gengoroh Tagame (Our Colors), and Malaka Gharib (It […]

Old Role, New Soul

Whether as knights, high school basketball jocks, Victorian Era heroes, or best friends making a “beauty” ritual into a deeper experience, these authors’ young protagonists are bringing fresh perspectives to classic roles. Nadia Shammas (Squire), Robyn Smith (Wash Day Diaries), Ivy Noelle Weir (Anne of West Philly) and Laura Gao (Messy Roots) discuss the creative […]

Telling Others’ Stories (Masks Required)

A long-shot political campaign built from scratch, an anti-crime squad policing the immigrant suburbs of Paris, a sweeping cross-country investigation into the many ways of gender expression, a deep and compassionate dive into the lives of military veterans struggling to reconcile wartime and post-war lives—these are powerful works of journalism and social science made even […]

Who Is An Outsider?

One way to define an outsider is by what they lack, but these characters are rooted in the extraordinary and unique qualities they possess. Outsiders also force us to question perspective—who is doing the defining in the first place? And if there are outsiders, there must be an outside. Whether looking through a dramatic lens […]

The Healing Path

Moving past trauma, whether physical, mental, or a bit of both, is a uniquely human challenge. And the ways down that path to healing are as unique and various as people themselves. In beautifully illustrated graphic novel works both intense and inspiring, Kate Schneider (Headland), Elizabeth Trembley (Look Again), and Emma Grove (The Third Person) […]

Carousel: Comics Performances (In-Person)

Join Carousel in presentations of graphic novels, gag cartoons, and comics as performed by the writers and artists, with slide projections. Followed by a book signing. Featuring Abby Denson (Kitty Sweet Tooth Makes a Movie), Katie Fricas (Checked Out), Matthew Thurber (Mr. Colostomy), Victor Varnado (The New Yorker), and more! Hosted by R. Sikoryak (Constitution […]

Writing and Reproductive Freedom (Virtual)

Join The Resort writing community in a discussion with Onnesha Roychoudhuri, Kim Gek Lin Short, and Erin Williams, about what happens when contemporary literature reflects our current reality in ways that illuminate and expand urgent conversations. Roychoudhuri, Short, and Williams are contributors to the multi-genre collection I Know What’s Best for You: Stories on Reproductive […]

A Conversation with Kate Beaton (In-Person)

New York Times bestselling cartoonist Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant) brings a fascinating look at the human and environmental toll of the fossil fuel industry in her first full-length graphic narrative, Ducks: Two Years in The Oil Sands. In conversation with journalist Elizabeth Spiers, Beaton discusses her formative experience of earning a living – and […]

We’ll Cry if We Want To: A Lit Party for Muthas and Others (In-Person)

Readings, theater, comedy, and comics (read live on projector screen!) from writers and artists of MUTHA Magazine, co-sponsored by Pen Parentis, featuring the awesome line-up of Emily Flake (The New Yorker and author of Mama Tried), Ariel Gore (Hip Mama and author of The Wayward Writer), Cheryl E. Klein (celebrating her debut memoir Crybaby), Lisa […]

Stories from Brooklyn (In-Person)

A multidisciplinary gathering of authors explores what it means to live, write, and be in community with other writers in Brooklyn. “Stories from Brooklyn” brings together graphic novelists, poets, fiction writers, and essayists to discuss how the borough of Brooklyn inspires writing practice, encourages original literary work, supports writers and independent publishing, but can also […]