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We continue to follow government guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety at the Festival. We encourage masks for indoor events. Please be aware that select indoor programs might require masks and we ask for your cooperation in these cases.

North Stage, Cadman Plaza East

Korean War Veterans Park Brooklyn NY 11201 United States


Tech Tales

Three visionary authors gather to unravel tales of love, the dance between humanity and technology, and fantastical realms that expand the imagination. In Gina Chung’s Sea Change, a young woman develops a deep connection to an octopus that might be her last conduit to her scientist father. And Daniel Hornsby fuses tech, grift, and horror in his novel, Sucker. These narratives question the depths of human relationships and transport you to realms where the impossible becomes tangible. Moderated by Terry Nguyen, critic, essayist, and contributing editor at Dirt Media.

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