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We continue to follow government guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety at the Festival. We encourage masks for indoor events. Please be aware that select indoor programs might require masks and we ask for your cooperation in these cases.


Sick and Satired

If laughter is the best medicine, satire may be the cure-all we need for the myriad ills of our time. In A. M. Homes’s new satirical novel, The Unfolding, a wealthy Republican donor outraged by the results of the 2008 election puts together a coalition of like-minded individuals to get America “back on track.” And Gary Shteyngart’s Our Country Friends paints a portrait of privileged life in lockdown with a group of artists and entrepreneurs that hides from the pandemic on a country estate, full of humor and heart. Join these authors for a conversation moderated by Alison Stewart (WNYC) that asks if it’s still too soon to laugh.

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