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Brooklyn Law School Moot Courtroom, 250 Joralemon St

250 Joralemon Street Brooklyn NY 11201 United States


Reclaiming Power Through Collective Resistance and Law presented by the Brooklyn Law School

How do ordinary people claim democratic power in a world of increased inequality and loss? Join us for a conversation about power, democracy, race, and the law as three leading thinkers discuss their new books. Jocelyn Simonson (Radical Acts of Justice: How Ordinary People are Dismantling Mass Incarceration) explores how groups of people are engaging collective resistance within the criminal legal system; Christopher Paul Harris (To Build a Black Future: The Radical Politics of Joy, Pain, and Care) draws on his experience as an activist and organizer to explore how the new Black politics can forge a future centered on collective action, community, and care; Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Héctor Tobar (Our Migrant Souls) uncovers something expansive and inspiring about the meaning of “Latino” in the twenty-first century, while Miriam Baer (Myths and Misunderstandings in White-Collar Crime) explores the complex terrain of federal white collar crime, unearthing how understanding the pathologies behind our legal practices can help us hold those in power accountable for their misdeeds. Moderated by Erin Geiger Smith (Thank You For Voting).

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