Imagining Other Americas presented with the New York Review of Books

12:00pm EST


We are living in an America that was, not very long ago, unimaginable to many of us: a country whose political life, economic prospects, and natural environment all resemble  something out of dystopian (or, in the case of the environment, science-fiction). This panel gathers together a varied group of frequent contributors to The New York Review of Books, representing the worlds of journalism, political commentary, and fiction, to grapple with the question of how those and other modes of writing might help us to envision still other versions of America. Join authors Hari Kunzru (Red Pill), Fintan O’Toole (The Politics of Pain), and Namwali Serpell (The Old Drift) for a conversation moderated by Madeleine Schwartz, creator of The Ballot, about the Americas that might have been—and might be still.

Participating authors

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