Covid Guidelines for Physical Events

We continue to follow government guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety at the Festival. We encourage masks for indoor events. Please be aware that select indoor programs might require masks and we ask for your cooperation in these cases.


Hybrid Narratives

Two acclaimed authors discuss their hybrid mode. In The Devil’s Treasure, the iconic author Mary Gaitskill has created a chimerical hybrid of fiction, memoir, essay, criticism, and visual art that transcends categorization. This collage of four novels, interspersed with a single short story, is a kind of director’s cut revealing the personal and societal forces that inform each individual piece of work. In The Empathy Diaries, Sherry Turkle ties together her coming-of-age and her path breaking research on technology, empathy, and ethics. Growing up in postwar Brooklyn, Turkle searched for clues to her identity in a house filled with mysteries. Before empathy became a way to find connection, it was her strategy for survival. Moderated by Meghan O’Rourke, editor in chief of the Yale Review.

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