How Fascism Works and How to Stop It

7:00pm EST

September 30, 2020


Can it happen here? Is it happening here? The “F” word–fascism. We have witnessed a program of blatant white supremacy and male supremacy, and xenophobic racism toward immigrants. Institutional norms have been steamrolled. Crude displays of American jingoism, draconian moves to criminalize and suppress dissent, as in Portland. What are the lessons of history, and in this unprecedented situation what are the appropriate forms of action. That is the topic of this panel.

Jason Stanley is a philosopher at Yale. His book “How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us Against Them” sets out essential features and dynamics of fascism. Andy Zee is a co-initiator of RefuseFascism and spokesperson for Revolution Books. He makes the case that we are now being ruled by a fascist regime.

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