Bookends FAQ


How do I submit a Bookends proposal?

Past partners and other curators who are recommended by our Bookends Committee and the
BKBF Advisory Council are invited to consider submitting a proposal. The first step in
submitting a Bookends idea for consideration is to fill out our proposal form. All proposals are
evaluated by our Bookends Committee. Each application receives a response, including
acceptances, requests for clarifications, or declines. If your proposal is accepted, you will be
asked to fill out a Final Copy Form.

What is the deadline for submitting a Bookends event proposal?

We ask organizers to submit Bookend proposals by Friday, May 3rd, 2024, and final event details
by the end of June. We then ask Bookend partners to complete a form detailing all event
information including ticketing links, participant bios, etc. by mid-July for our print deadline.
The deadline for the Final Copy is to be determined.

Who can submit an event proposal?

Organizations interested in presenting a Bookend event should email

What should I consider as I put together a Bookend event?

We do not include book launches or single author events as part of Bookends. We encourage
Bookends programming to be curated with our Festival credo in mind: “hip, smart and diverse.”

How many events may my organization host?

We limit our Bookend partners to one event in order to allow as many organizations to
participate as possible. Venues, however, may serve as a host site for multiple organizations on
distinct dates.

How many organizations can jointly host an event?

There is no limit to the number of organizations who can collaborate on an event. However, we
ask that only one organization be the point of contact and take responsibility for the expectations
of Bookends terms and conditions.

How many individual participants can my event include?

We do not put a limit on the number of individual participants.

How do I find a venue for my Bookend event?

Finding a venue is the responsibility of our Bookend partners—you! We recommend reaching
out to contacts with whom you have an established relationship or try reaching out to your
favorite local venues, organizations, or institutions (past Bookend venues have included
bookstores, bars, restaurants, theaters, community centers, and museums). Pitch your Bookend
event as an opportunity for them to participate in the Brooklyn Book Festival. We encourage you
to identify locations that are ADA compliant and accessible to all. If you still have trouble
securing a venue, the Bookends committee will do its best to assist you in the process.

Can I request a specific date and time for my event?

We will try to accommodate your preferences, however we may ask that you change to a
different time in order to balance the day’s Bookends schedule and so that multiple events of
similar content/subject matter (say, two poetry events) do not compete with each other. Events
may run at any time from Sunday, September 22nd through Friday, September 27th and on Monday,
September 30th. No children’s events may take place during the BKBF Children’s Day on Saturday, September 28th; no events during the BKBF festival mingle from 6PM – 8PM on Saturday, September 28th; and no events from 10AM – 6PM on Main Festival Day taking place Sunday, September 29th.

● Can I charge an entrance fee for my event?

BKBF is committed to providing and/or supporting excellent literary programming that is
accessible to all communities of NYC, regardless of socioeconomic status. The majority of
Bookend Events are free, with some charging a low-cost fee.

● Can I accept reservations or provide tickets for my event?

Yes, details regarding event signup and registration are up to you. There will be a designated
field in the Final Copy for you to provide information about fees, tickets, and event registration.

● Do I need to provide a bad weather alternative venue for outdoor events?

We recommend having a backup venue plan in the event of bad weather.

● Whom do I contact with questions, or event updates?

Please contact
For other general inquiries about the Festival, please contact


● Do I need to promote my event myself?

BKBF will promote Bookend events as a whole. In addition, Bookend partners will be
responsible for promoting their individual Bookend program. We recommend using Facebook
event pages and your organization’s website and eblast communications to market your events,
as well as other social media platforms such as Instagram and X.

● Do I need to photograph or record my event?

We ask that you take photos during your event and to share them with the Festival. We may also
send an official Brooklyn Book Festival photographer to document your event, as per our Terms
of Agreement.

● Do I need to mention BKBF/Bookends when promoting my event?

Yes. As an official BKBF/Bookends Partner, it’s essential that you follow our promotional
guidelines when publicizing your event. You will find full details about promotional language,
the Bookends logo, and other marketing material requirements in our Terms of Agreement,
including this required language: “This is an official Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends Event.”
Once you have created your marketing material, please email a copy for us to review and
approve, confirming that official wording and/or the Bookend logo has been applied. We will be
happy to provide feedback where necessary.

● Do Bookend partners need to create their own event copy?

Yes! After your proposal has been approved, you will receive a form to send us your Final Copy.
Your Final Copy will be used for promotion and give audiences a sense of what topics and
themes your event will explore. The event title and description in your Final Copy will appear in
the BKBF printed program and on our website.
Suggestions for strong Final Copy: Titles that are concise and enticing attract the most
audiences. Event descriptions (maximum 90 words) should include the names of all participating
authors and any necessary information (e.g., if attendees will need to register in advance). There
is a separate field for information regarding the time of your event, venue location/address,
whether your event is free or ticketed, and organization website links. The deadline to submit Final Copies is TBD.

● Will I need to do any post-event reporting to the Bookends Committee?

Yes! In order to promote Bookends and our partners, and to monitor the success of Bookends
programs, we ask that you provide an audience count and photos and/or video of your event(s)
for the Bookends archive.

● Will there be a representative from BKBF at my event?

We try to send a representative from BKBF to as many Bookends as possible. However, as we
are a small staff with a robust Bookends schedule, it is not always feasible. If we cannot attend in
person, we will be there in literary spirit!

● What is BKBF’s COVID-19 policy for in-person Bookend events?

As per the Terms of Agreement: “Each Bookend presenting partner must take responsibility to
adhere to New York City and State COVID-19 guidance and restrictions regulating live events.”

● Can I use a BKBF/Bookends virtual platform to host an online Bookends event?

If you are hosting a virtual event (or if your live event has a virtual component), you are
responsible for organizing the platform and any other online elements.

● Does BKBF/Bookends provide any financial support?

BKBF does not provide financial support for Bookends events.

● Who selects events for inclusion in Bookends?

The Bookends Committee receives, reviews, and evaluates all submissions and approves events
or asks for clarifications. The Bookends Committee is a volunteer group of book publishing and
industry professionals living in the five boroughs of New York City and possessing expertise in a
range of genres and programming formats. The committee includes the following individuals:

Bookends Committee

Stephan Herrera, Co-Chair
Natalie Green, Co-Chair
Paul W. Morris
Novella Ford
Mary Gannon
Catherine LaSota
Andrew Lloyd-Jones
Ian Maloney
Clarisse Rosaz Shariyf
Jafreen Uddin