Regina Kim

Regina Kim is a full-time communications and marketing professional and a freelance writer based in Queens, New York. Her wide-spanning interests and love of new challenges have led her to work in a number of sectors, including government, nonprofit, entertainment, advertising and journalism. A writer at heart, Regina welcomes any opportunity to help people and organizations tell their stories, whether it’s a foreign filmmaker trying to reach US audiences, a small nonprofit working to increase career opportunities for marginalized groups, an international organization looking to improve the state of the world, or an agency reinventing itself in the middle of a global pandemic—just to name a few examples.

As a Korean American who has grown up with a deep familiarity of both cultures, Regina enjoys writing articles about Korean pop culture and the Korean diaspora that share nuanced perspectives often not told in Western media. She has also published research papers about South Korean soft power, nation branding and cultural diplomacy in various academic journals. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Regina holds an MA from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and a BA from Yale University.

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