Lenora Fine

Lenora “Niecy” Fine grew up in a diverse community in East Flatbush, Brooklyn during the 1970’s. In 2000, Niecy was inspired to write when her health started failing, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong. To take her mind off of her health, Niecy started playwriting. It was a form of releasing her fears. She tried self-publishing, but she couldn’t afford the extra costs. She soon discovered a class called, Power in the Pen _with Cathie Wright-Lewis. Ms. Wright-Lewis helped Niecy convert her play to a novel entitled _The Loves God Gave Candy. During the pandemic she has written several poems. Three of them were called A Tribute to Nicola in honor of a friend and classmate who passed. I Can't Breathe Because/ I Can Breathe Again Because in honor of George Floyd. Unwanted Visitor about the damage COVID 19 has done. Power in the Pen published these three poems in a book of poetry in 2020.

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