Cathie Wright-Lewis

Power in the Pen provides a safe space to support underserved writers in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn by offering free weekly writing classes, editing services and publishing support in a workshop setting. We assist novice and seasoned writers throughout the entire writing process in preparation to self-publish or be published by reputable publishing houses. We provide artistic development by giving our writers the space and support to become professional authors.
2021: Heal America** **is our third anthology. It is also a call, a challenge and a prayer from the Power in the Pen Writing Workshop. As we have all experienced loss of loved ones, career changes, homelessness and unbelievable changes in our entire world, we have learned that we are the only ones who can save our world. Hence, this year's anthology calls for self-healing. If you are reading this, we are challenging to heal your beliefs, your mind, your body and your heart and together we can heal America. The authors who have contributed to this book are amazing people, blessed through some of the most difficult challenges one could imagine, so they know of what they speak.

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