Cathie Wright-Lewis

In 2014, newly retired teacher *Cathie Wright-Lewis *met with curator Miriam Robertson of The Brownsville Heritage House to propose her dream to begin a community-based workshop for residents of Brownsville, her childhood neighborhood. As a result, she is now the director of the Power in the Pen Writer’s Workshop – a creator’s incubator space. For 35 years Cathie has molded urban youth, young writers and teachers as a middle and high school educator and adjunct professor in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brownsville and Crown Heights. Her work in education has been documented in: NY Times articles by journalist Felicia Lee, Annenberg’s, The Expanding Canon (video and website) – Teaching Multicultural Literature, Black Literate Lives by Dr. Maisha Wynn and a host of periodicals.
In 2001, Cathie published Maurya’s Seed – Why Hope Lives Behind Project Walls. And after retiring in 2013, the sequel, Passion’s Pride – Return to the Dawning. _She has recently published _Mama Relly, Lessons in African-American Culture and History, her first children’s book series, which is illustrated by her daughter.
She is currently completing Miracle, the third book in her allegorical Afro-futuristic trilogy, and_ Teach Like a Revolutionary, _a culturally responsive guide for teachers of urban youth. She is also celebrating her most recent accomplishment as a spiritual life coach. And she is already serving the public in that capacity.

Nicholas Nichols

Photo by Nicholas Nichols

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