Sunday Sep 22

Festival Day & Literary Market

Borough Hall, Brooklyn

Saturday Sep 21

Children’s Day

MetroTech Commons, Brooklyn

September 16 - 23

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The Brooklyn Book Festival celebrates reading, authors, discussion and published literature through free and low-cost programs that bring readers together with local, national and international authors, publishers and booksellers. As New York City’s largest free literary festival, BKBF presents programs that are hip, smart, diverse and inclusive which include its annual city-wide Bookend Events, BKBF Children’s Day and flagship Festival Day when more than 300 authors participate. The festival presents challenging, engaging and thoughtful programming in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, graphic novels, youth and children literature.

Board of Directors

Tupper Thomas, Chair
Adeola Adele
Seth Cummins, Secretary
Neil Giacobbi
Marisa Farina
Timothy Houlihan
Eric W. Olson, Treasurer
Louella San Juan
Johnny Temple
Saundra Thomas

Carolyn Greer, Co-Producer, President
Liz Koch, Co-Producer, Vice President

Brooklyn Literary Council

Brooklyn Book Festival Committees

Fiction Committee

Halimah Marcus, Johnny Temple, co-chairs
Ibrahim Ahmad

MJ Franklin
Steph Opitz
Clarence Reynolds
Benjamin Samuel
Rob Spillman
Meredith Walters

Non-Fiction Committee

Mark Chait, Carolyn Greer, co-chairs
Alex Carp
Laura Dolan
Elyssa Goodman
Lauren LeBlanc
Peter Rothberg

Brian Tate

Poetry Committee

Brett Fletcher Lauer, Camille Rankine, co-chairs
Tina Chang
Mary Gannon
Hafizah Geter
Ricardo Maldonado
Joseph O. Legaspi
Meghan O’Rourke
Meredith Walters

Youth and Children Committee

Jenne Abramowitz, Rotem Moscovich, co-chairs
Joanna Cardenas
Connie Hsu
Liz Koch
Meg Lemke
Ben Rosenthal

International Committee

Liz Koch, Anderson Tepper, co-chairs
Corinna Barsan
Mieke Chew
Jill Schoolman
Rob Spillman

Comics & Graphic Novels Committee

Meg Lemke, Joan Hilty, co-chairs
Gina Gagliano
Calvin Reid

Bookends Committee

Carolyn Greer, Paul W. Morris, Co-Chairs
Jeanne Hodesh
Kisky Holwerda

Andrew Lloyd-Jones
Clarisse Rosaz Sharif
Catherine LaSota

Publicity Committee

Kathy Daneman, Cristiana Peña, Co-chairs
Maya Bradford
Gina Gagliano
Liz Koch

Beth Parker

BKBF Public Safety Statement

The Brooklyn Book Festival is committed to creating a welcoming, harassment-free and safe experience for one and all including attendees, authors, exhibitors, staff and volunteers. Disruptive or harassing behavior will not be tolerated. If you are experiencing unwelcome actions, discriminatory or threatening behavior or encounter an unsafe situation, please alert a Festival staff member or volunteer who will assist you. (Look for the official red shirts.) If you are the victim of a crime while attending - CALL 911.